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when I fall...

sometimes things aren't exactly how you've always imagined, they are even better

21 March
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Hello, I'm Mana!
I'm just your random human being lol XD
I post random stuff with terrible English..
In love with Japanese beautiful boys and also BRIGHT and I cursed the day when they disbanded

Mostly in Sexy Zone fandom but I also like some other boys/groups.
If I should make a rank based on who I love the most recently, then it would be like this:
#1 Nakajima Kento
#2 Kikuchi Fuma
#3 Katayose Ryota
#4 Jesse Lewis

I used to love these people before: Matsushita Yuya, Miura Haruma, Chinen Yuuri, Sakamoto Shougo. If you by chance like them too, I think we could still talk about some of them haha
Just in case you wonder, here are the boundaries(?):
MatsushitaYuya: I loved him soooo much! But then he changed his music's style and then X4 happened and then as they release new songs after the first X4's album, I think it's enough for me. I mean, why should I keep pretending that I still love him no matter what if I don't even want to listen to his music again... so, if you want to talk about Yuya, let's talk about Yuya from his 'foolish foolish' era to X4's 1st album era.
MiuraHaruma: strictly know him for his dramas; gokusen 3, taisetsuna koto, koizora, negative happy chainsaw, bloody monday (I think I used to know a lot more than this but well, I forgot them now, so let's talk about them lol)
ChinenYuuri: I used to love chii sooo much but yeah it's boring now. I still keep up with some of their new-but-not-so-new songs, but I think weekender and the album followed after that single release were the last thing I know about them XP
SakamotoShougo. I used to like him a lot. But I never really know him well, but if you asked me who is my favorite Ciel on Kuromyu, then I will choose him ;D

Let me warn you; I AM A HARDCORE FUMAKEN SHIPPER. Yeah, there, I said it. SO, you're most welcome if you like them too. (I never have a friend that enjoy and love reading FumaKen's ffs so much like I do, so if you like them, please let me know and see if we could be friend lol)

About this statement below, I just think that it's a waste to delete it, so I keep it here for more than a year now lol XD

I got married to
on JULY 20, 2010